Die Another Day

The new Bond movies are "impossibly obscure", says John Cleese

Simon Brew News Oct 24, 2014

The man who was Q, John Cleese, reckons that money has ruined the James Bond series...

Pierce Brosnan looks back on his Bond stint

Glen Chapman News Apr 14, 2014

Pierce Brosnan has opened up about his time spent as James Bond 007. He doesn't appear too happy with it...

Might it be time to lose the ‘Bond girl’?

Simon Brew Feature Nov 8, 2012

Skyfall is a great Bond adventure. But, Simon argues, it does highlight one old 007 convention that might best be retired…

Has Hollywood lost the ability to end a blockbuster movie?

Simon Brew News Aug 3, 2011

Hollywood blockbusters are getting better at delivering strong build up. But are they getting worse at giving us the pay off at the end?

Music in the movies: David Arnold

Glen Chapman News Jan 10, 2011

In this week’s Music in the movies column, Glen looks at the compositions of David Arnold, famous for his contemporary Bond themes...

The James Clayton Column: Calm down, dear! It's only a cameo!

James Clayton News Nov 4, 2010

Madonna in Die Another Day? Keith Richards in Pirates Of The Caribbean? James ponders the importance of celebrity cameos in the movies…