Dark Knight

10 of geek cinema's more curious quirks of fate

Ryan Lambie Top 10
Jul 11, 2014

We take a light-hearted look at a few of the more strange coincidences and quirks of fate in recent cinema history...

Is the next Batman film heading to 3D?

Simon Brew News
Apr 21, 2010

Could the next adventures of The Dark Knight be jumping aboard the 3D bandwagon too? Or is Christopher Nolan not keen?

New Dark Knight sequel rumours

Simon Brew News
Feb 16, 2010

What will we see from the next Batman film? The latest rumours for the Dark Knight follow-up have begun to circle…

David Goyer quits FlashForward for Batman sequel?

Simon Brew News
Feb 8, 2010

ABC’s troubled FlashForward is set to get its third showrunner in one season. But The Dark Knight sequel may be the beneficiary of it…

Next Batman movie: Christopher Nolan decision due January?

Simon Brew News
Nov 17, 2009

Call it Batman 3. Call it Dark Knight 2. But is the next Batman film getting any closer?

New Batman film: no Johnny Depp, not in 2011?

Simon Brew News
Sep 22, 2009

Michael Caine gives some clues as to where the Batman franchise is, and isn’t, headed next…

Batman 3 rumours: Nolan back, shot in IMAX, Megan Fox as Catwoman?

Is The Dark Knight cursed?
Simon Brew News
Aug 26, 2009

Are the wheels in motion on The Dark Knight’s follow-up? We take a look at the latest Batman rumours doing the rounds…

Christopher Nolan leaves The Prisoner, starting work on Batman 3?

Christopher Nolan
Simon Brew News
Aug 19, 2009

The big screen version of The Prisoner loses its director. So where does that leave the project, and is Christopher Nolan really back aboard the Batman franchise?

10 things it takes to be Batman

Batman. Possibly quite tired.
Martin Anderson News
Jul 14, 2008

A respected science journal looks into the practicalities of becoming Gotham City's most beloved and feared crime-fighter...