Danny McBride

Aloha review

Ronald Hogan Review
Jun 2, 2015

Cameron Crowe's heavily-criticised Aloha has more going for it than it's being given credit for...

Chris Pratt and Danny McBride rumoured for Knight Rider

Knight Rider reboot
Simon Brew News
Feb 13, 2014

Michael Knight and KITT take a step closer to the big screen, with the first casting rumours for the movie take on Knight Rider...

This Is The End red band trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Dec 21, 2012

Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and more join together for an end of the world comedy, This Is The End...

30 Minutes Or Less review

Luke Savage Review
Sep 16, 2011

Ruben Fleischer's high-concept comedy 30 Minutes Or Less is out in UK cinemas today. But is it worth your time? Here’s Luke’s review…

30 Minutes Or Less review

Ron Hogan Review
Aug 12, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride star in action comedy, 30 Minutes Or Less. Is it as good as director Ruben Fleischer's last film, Zombieland? Ron finds out...

New trailer for 30 Minutes Or Less

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 20, 2011

The latest contender for R-rated comedy of the year, 30 Minutes Or Less stars Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride. Here’s the latest R-rated trailer…

30 Minutes Or Less trailer

30 Minutes Or Less
Simon Brew Trailer
Apr 25, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg reteams with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer for a brand new R-rated comedy. And here’s the equally R-rated trailer for it…

Danny McBride interview: Your Highness, improvisation, Percy Pigs and R-rated comedy

Ryan Lambie Interview
Apr 12, 2011

With Your Highness out now in UK cinemas, we caught up with co-writer and star Danny McBride to talk about improvisation, R-rated comedy and jelly sweets...

Your Highness review

Simon Brew Review
Apr 11, 2011

Danny McBride and James Franco star in the eagerly awaited new comedy from the director of Pineapple Express. So, is Your Highness any good? Here’s our review…

New red band trailer for Your Highness

Simon Brew Trailer
Mar 24, 2011

Danny McBride and Natalie Portman star in what might just be the rudest comedy of the year. Here’s the new red band trailer for Your Highness…