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Max Landis has an idea for Lethal Weapon 5

Ryan Lambie News Aug 24, 2015

While promoting American Ultra, screenwriter Max Landis has described his idea of what a new Lethal Weapon sequel should look like...

Lethal Weapon 4's ridiculously fast turnaround time

Simon Brew Feature Jul 23, 2015

Warner Bros greenlit Lethal Weapon 4 late in the day - giving director Richard Donner just over six months to make the movie...

Lethal Weapon: ranking the movies in order of quality

Guy Buckland Feature Mar 6, 2015

We take a look at this classic Mel Gibson franchise... Eenie, Meenie, Miney... Hey Moe!

Elderly action heroes and Hollywood age issues

James Clayton Feature Aug 15, 2014

The arrival of The Expendables 3 leads James to the conclusion that, when it comes to being an action hero, age is just a number...

The 12 most insanely hot movie actors

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Feature Aug 7, 2014

These insanely hot film actors will blow your mind...

A new trailer for Nicolas Cage thriller, Rage

Ryan Lambie Trailer May 9, 2014

Nicolas Cage gets in a rage in his latest action thriller - which is called, er, Rage. Here's the latest trailer...

Chris Hemsworth linked with Lethal Weapon reboot

Simon Brew News May 8, 2014

Warner Bros is looking to reboot Lethal Weapon, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly offered a lead role.

Looking back at Lethal Weapon 4

Lethal Weapon 4
Mark Oakley News Nov 17, 2010

Our look back at the Lethal Weapon series ends with the fourth silly, overcrowded movie — and one that is also, Mark suggests, a lot of fun…

Looking back at Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3
Mark Oakley News Nov 16, 2010

Writer Shane Black was sadly absent for Lethal Weapon 3, and some see it as the worst in the series. Mark, meanwhile, thinks it deserves a second look…

Looking back at Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 2
Mark Oakley News Nov 15, 2010

Diplomatic immunity! Mark revisits the 1989 sequel, Lethal Weapon 2. But how does it compare to the classic original? And has Patsy Kensit improved?