Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig on James Bond: "I want to move on"

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

Following Spectre, if Daniel Craig did another James Bond film, it'd be "for the money".

Daniel Craig on James Bond: "I'm contracted for one more"

Simon Brew News Oct 1, 2015

Once Spectre is released, we'll be getting at least one more James Bond 007 adventure with Daniel Craig in the lead role...

Spectre: the brand new, final trailer

Simon Brew Viral Video Oct 2, 2015

One last trailer has just been released for the new James Bond film, Spectre. See it here...

Skyfall: Sean Connery was involved, sources say

Ryan Lambie News Sep 15, 2015

Exclusive: Sean Connery really was set to play a key role in Skyfall, sources tell us...

Spectre set to be the longest James Bond film

Simon Brew News Sep 11, 2015

Early reports suggest incoming James Bond adventure Spectre will be 007's longest mission to date...

Spectre: new footage, new posters, new promo banner

Simon Brew News Sep 11, 2015

A TV spot for James Bond's new adventure, Spectre, reveals new footage. Plus Lea Seydoux stars in the latest promo posters.

Spectre: new poster for next James Bond film

Simon Brew Poster Sep 4, 2015

Daniel Craig is poised for action as James Bond 007 on the new poster for Spectre…

Daniel Craig on Spectre fears, James Bond future

Simon Brew News Sep 2, 2015

The pressures of following Skyfall were "massive" says Daniel Craig, and he's not committing to a further 007 film post-Spectre right now.

Spectre: breaking down the new trailer

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 22, 2015

Daniel Craig is back at James Bond 007 in Spectre. And the new trailer gives some clues as to what to expect. Here's our detailed look...

Spectre: the full trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 22, 2015

The full trailer for the 24th James Bond 007 film, Spectre, has landed. Take it away, Daniel Craig...