Conan The Barbarian

Pumping Iron and the birth of the 80s action hero

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 19, 2014

The 1977 docu-drama Pumping Iron launched Schwarzenegger's career, and led to an era of fitness obsession and action heroes, Ryan writes...

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 10 most wince-inducing kills

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 29, 2012

Few actors have slaughtered as many bad guys as Arnold Schwarzenegger. And to prove it, here’s our list of the action star's 10 most wince-inducing kills…

Was 1982 the best ever year for fantasy and sci-fi movies?

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Terence Bowman Odd List
Apr 16, 2012

1982. The best year for sci-fi and fantasy movies? The year that home video gave second life to films that otherwise would have flopped? Join the celebration here...

Music in the movies: more of the summer’s blockbuster scores

Glen Chapman News
Sep 26, 2011

In this week’s Music in the movies, Glen rounds up more of the summer season’s blockbuster scores...

5 key reasons to love Ron Perlman

Duncan Bowles Odd List
Sep 8, 2011

One of Hollywood’s most recognisable actors, Ron Perlman lends his presence to the forthcoming Drive. Here are 5 reasons why he deserves our appreciation…

Literary adventure heroes the movies mangled

Terence Bowman News
Aug 22, 2011

Conan. James Bond. Tarzan. Terence looks at these, and other literary characters who were changed by movie-makers on their way to the big screen...

The Help dominates the US box office as Conan, Spy Kids 4D and Fright Night struggle

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 22, 2011

DreamWorks’ drama, The Help takes the number one spot as Conan The Barbarian, Spy Kids 4D and Fright Night all fail to ignite at the US box office...

Jason Momoa interview: Conan The Barbarian, Game Of Thrones, A Bullet To The Head, and more

Duncan Bowles Interview
Aug 19, 2011

With Conan The Barbarian arriving in cinemas, Duncan met up with the chap who plays the mighty warrior of the title, Jason Momoa…

The James Clayton Column: why we need Conan The Barbarian

James Clayton News
Aug 18, 2011

Sick of supermarkets? Crying in front of your computer? Conan The Barbarian will provide the perfect fantasy outlet, James writes...

Conan The Barbarian review

Duncan Bowles Review
Aug 15, 2011

Jason Momoa certainly looks the part as the hulking Conan The Barbarian, but does the film itself do the character justice? Duncan finds out...