Clerks 3

Kevin Smith making Mallrats 2 next, Clerks 3 pushed back

Ryan Lambie News Apr 8, 2015

In a change to his original schedule, Kevin Smith's set to make Mallrats 2 next and not Clerks 3 as originally planned...

Kevin Smith's Clerks 3 hits a stumbling block

Clerks: back for a third outing?
Simon Brew News Jul 8, 2014

The Weinstein Company has passed on financing Kevin Smith's Clerks 3...

Kevin Smith to return to horror with Tusk

Glen Chapman News Jul 28, 2013

It turns out Clerks 3 wont be Smith's next film at all, as he's set to direct an off-beat horror movie titled Tusk...

Kevin Smith announces Clerks 3

Kevin Smith's Clerks
Simon Brew News Dec 7, 2012

Kevin Smith announces that Hit Somebody is set to be a TV mini-series, and Clerks III is now the last film he's going to direct...