Christopher Reeve

A pilgrimage to the filming locations of Superman IV

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 24, 2014

Superman IV infamously tried to pass off the UK's Milton Keynes for New York. We pay a visit to some of its filming locations...

Lessons Hollywood missed from Christopher Reeve's Superman

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The Christopher Reeve-headlined Superman saga taught Hollywood lots of lessons - many of which it ignored...

Starlog Magazine: a sci-fi movie goldmine

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We salute the sadly departed sci-fi movie magazine Starlog, and the treasures to be found in its online archives...

What Superman 3 teaches us about computer programming

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Gus Gorman's computer programming in Superman III nearly brings the world to its knees. But how did he do it? Er...

Music in Film: Man Of Steel soundtrack review

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Hans Zimmer brought together a symphony of drums and a hint of John Williams for his Man Of Steel soundtrack. Ivan has a listen...

Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon on Man Of Steel

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Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon have been chatting about the incoming return of Superman in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel...

10 remarkable things about Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

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A flop in 1987, Superman IV is one of the most maligned sequels ever made. There are, however, lots of interesting things about it...

Looking back at Superman III

Superman III (1983)
Mark Oakley News Mar 8, 2011

Superman turns bad and Richard Pryor does funny in this nightmarish third instalment. Here’s Mark’s appreciation of Superman III…

Looking back at Superman: The Movie

Mark Oakley News Mar 6, 2011

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Mark’s appreciation of 1978’s Superman. It’s still one heck of a movie, he writes, even after all these years...

10 great performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same film

Mark Harrison News Mar 30, 2010

We celebrate some of the finest performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same films. But is there any room for Eddie?