Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan talks Batman 3

Simon Brew News Sep 27, 2010

He’s not saying much, but it’s very clear that Christopher Nolan is hard at work on his follow up to The Dark Knight…

The names on the shortlist to direct the new Superman film

Simon Brew News Sep 24, 2010

Christopher Nolan has reportedly begun meeting candidates to direct the new Superman reboot. And there are some surprising names on the list…

Do interesting directors get lost to big movie franchises?

Simon Brew News Sep 22, 2010

What are we missing out on, wonders Simon, when an interesting director ends up committed to a major blockbuster and its sequels?

Inception limited edition DVD and Blu-ray set on the way

Ryan Lambie News Sep 6, 2010

Inception is all set to appear on DVD and Blu-ray in December, with a limited edition version packed full of dream-like goodies…

Batman 3: Marion Cotillard linked with Catwoman role

Catwoman in Batman 3?
Simon Brew News Aug 25, 2010

Has Marion Cotillard just turned down Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie?

Batman 3 to shoot in New Orleans, new rumours round-up

Simon Brew News Aug 10, 2010

A little round-up of the latest happenings with the next Batman movie…

Batman 3 rumours: The Riddler casting talk, plus Catwoman to appear?

Ryan Lambie News Aug 4, 2010

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt in competition with two other Inception stars for the role of The Riddler? And is Catwoman set to appear in Batman 3…?

Looking back at Christopher Nolan’s Following

Christopher Nolan’s Following (1998)
Andrew Reynolds News Jul 27, 2010

A year in the making, young director Nolan shot his debut feature, Following, on a shoestring budget over the space of a year. So, how does it stand up twelve years on...?

Does Inception stand up to a second viewing?

Ryan Lambie News Jul 26, 2010

Is Christopher Nolan’s Inception a film best enjoyed once, or does a repeat viewing reveal its flaws? Ryan heads back to the cinema to find out…