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Batman 3 to shoot in New Orleans, new rumours round-up

Simon Brew News Aug 10, 2010

A little round-up of the latest happenings with the next Batman movie…

Batman 3 rumours: The Riddler casting talk, plus Catwoman to appear?

Ryan Lambie News Aug 4, 2010

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt in competition with two other Inception stars for the role of The Riddler? And is Catwoman set to appear in Batman 3…?

Looking back at Christopher Nolan’s Following

Christopher Nolan’s Following (1998)
News Jul 27, 2010

A year in the making, young director Nolan shot his debut feature, Following, on a shoestring budget over the space of a year. So, how does it stand up twelve years on...?

Does Inception stand up to a second viewing?

Ryan Lambie News Jul 26, 2010

Is Christopher Nolan’s Inception a film best enjoyed once, or does a repeat viewing reveal its flaws? Ryan heads back to the cinema to find out…

The James Clayton Column: A dream within a dream within a dream...

James Clayton News Jul 22, 2010

After the reality-shattering Inception, can we really trust the world around us anymore? Edgar Allan Poe has the answer…

Batman 3 to be shot entirely in IMAX?

Ryan Lambie News Jul 22, 2010

Inception cinematographer Walter Pfister has suggested that Batman 3 could be filmed in IMAX, and voices his dislike for 3D…

Batman 3: The Riddler named as villain?

Simon Brew News Jul 21, 2010

It looks like Batman will be fighting The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to The Dark Knight — and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being strongly linked with the role…

The Dark Knight revisited

Ryan Lambie News Jul 19, 2010

How has The Dark Knight fared since its release in 2008, and how does it compare to Inception?

Latest Superman movie rumours

Simon Brew News Jul 16, 2010

Is Jonathan Nolan directing the new Superman film? And where is Warner Bros looking for an actor to play the new Man Of Steel?