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Grimm season 5 episode 8 review: A Reptile Dysfunction

Christine Horton Review
Feb 8, 2016

Grimm season 5 episode 6 review: Wesen Nacht

Christine Horton Review
Dec 14, 2015

Grimm is the latest US fantasy show to drop a mid-season finale shocker on its fans...

Grimm season 5 episode 5 review: The Rat King

Christine Horton Review
Dec 7, 2015

The penultimate episode before Grimm's season 5 mid-run finale leaves us with more questions than answers...

Grimm season 5 episode 4 review: Maiden Quest

Christine Horton Review
Nov 23, 2015

Grimm lets down what has previously been a great start to season 5 with this underwhelming, run-of-the-mill episode...

Grimm season 5 episode 3 review: Lost Boys

Christine Horton Review
Nov 16, 2015

Grimm delivers a fairly workaday season 5 episode, showing only frustrating glimpses of the Wesen Uprising and Truble's disappearance...

Grimm season 5 episode 2 review: Clear And Wesen Danger

Christine Horton Review
Nov 9, 2015

Grimm season 5 introduces a season arc with new layers of complexity, signalling a welcome change in direction for the show...

Grimm season 5 episode 1 review: The Grimm Identity

Christine Horton Review
Nov 2, 2015

Birth, death and revenge are on Nick's mind in the Grimm season 5 premiere, an episode that promises an edgier future for the show...

Grimm season 4 episode 22 review: Cry Havoc

Christine Horton Review
May 18, 2015

Grimm undergoes a casting shake-up in its season four finale, which continues its recent and much appreciated dark streak...

Grimm season 4 episode 21 review: Headache

Christine Horton Review
May 12, 2015

Grimm is going dark in its season four finale arc, and for some characters, there'll be no coming back...

Grimm season 4 episode 20 review: You Don't Know Jack

Christine Horton Review
May 6, 2015

Grimm takes a surprisingly sinister turn and delivers some real shocks as it finally gears up for its season 4 finale...