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Grimm season 3 episode 18 review: The Law Of Sacrifice

Christine Horton Review Apr 14, 2014

Grimm's third season is really hitting its stride. Here's Christine's review of The Law Of Sacrifice...

Grimm season 3 episode 17 review: Synchronicity

Christine Horton Review Apr 6, 2014

In Synchronicity, Grimm delivers what is arguably the best episode of the season. Here's Christine's review...

Grimm season 3 episode 16 review: The Show Must Go On

Christine Horton Review Mar 24, 2014

Rosalee goes undercover at a Wesen circus and Adalind discovers her softer side in this week's Grimm...

Grimm season 3 episode 15 review: Once We Were Gods

Christine Horton Review Mar 17, 2014

Grimm borrows from ancient Egyptian myth for this week's adventure. Here's Christine's review...

Grimm season 3 episode 13 review: Revelation

Christine Horton Review Mar 4, 2014

Grimm is back,Monroe's in tears, and it's time for Adalind to pick a side. Here's Christine's review of Revelation...

Grimm's top Wesen: Gelumcaedus

Christine Horton Feature Mar 7, 2014

These scary alligator-like wesen are another of our favourites from Grimm...

Grimm's top Wesen: Fuchsbau

Christine Horton Feature Feb 26, 2014

They might look cute and cuddly, but these fox-like Wesen can't always be trusted...

Grimm's top Wesen: Cracher-Mortel

Christine Horton Feature Feb 28, 2014

The next Wesen to go under our microscope is the voodoo-affiliated pufferfish wannabe, Cracher-Mortel

Reggie Lee interview: Grimm, Sgt. Wu & more

Christine Horton Interview Feb 18, 2014

Christine chats to Grimm's Reggie Lee about season 3, the fans, and what the future holds for Sgt. Wu...

Grimm's top Wesen: Hexenbiest

Christine Horton Feature Feb 21, 2014

Next up on our countdown of Grimm's best Wesen, it's the wicked witch...