Chris Hemsworth

The Huntsman: Winter's War - the first trailer

Simon Brew Poster
Nov 18, 2015

The first trailer has landed for The Huntsman: Winter's War - and you can see it here.

Thor: Ragnarok - what should we expect?

Rob Leane Feature
Nov 11, 2015

Marvel’s next Asgardian-tinged movie will be Thor: Ragnarok. Here’s everything we know so far…

In the Heart Of The Sea: the new trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Nov 2, 2015

Chris Hemsworth stars in Ron Howard's In The Heart Of The Sea. Here's the new trailer...

Thor: Ragnarok is "a buddy picture" says Mark Ruffalo

Simon Brew News
Oct 29, 2015

Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo are set to team up for Thor: Ragnarok. Although there will still be fighting...

Thor: Ragnarok heads to Australia

Simon Brew News
Oct 23, 2015

Thor: Ragnarok and Alien: Paradise Lost are to shoot in Australia, it's been confirmed.

Thor: Ragnarok potentially to feature Mark Ruffalo's Hulk

Simon Brew News
Oct 13, 2015

Could Hulk join forces with Chris Hemsworth's Thor in Thor: Ragnarok?

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - see Thor's deleted scene here

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Previously unseen footage from Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron gives Chris Hemsworth's Thor a little more to do...

Marvel Studios: how long is left on everyone’s contracts?

Rob Leane Feature
Oct 9, 2015

How long until Cap, Iron Man and co need to renegotiate their multi-film Marvel contracts? We did some digging…

Ghostbusters: first look at Chris Hemsworth's character

Simon Brew News
Aug 18, 2015

Chris Hemsworth's Kevin arrives on the Ghostbusters set. He's not looking too Thor-like either...

Thor: Ragnarok to film in 2016, Kenneth Branagh won't direct

Simon Brew News
Jun 30, 2015

Thor 3, starring Chris Hemsworth, still doesn't have a director. It won't be Kenneth Branagh for a start...