Carley Tauchert Hutchins

Celebrating Nickelodeon's golden age

Carley Tauchert Feature Nov 27, 2014

Carley salutes Nickelodeon's 90s heyday, and gems including The Adventures Of Pete & Pete, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and more...

My So-Called Life: where are they now?

Carley Tauchert Feature Aug 26, 2014

From Oscar-winning to Homeland and more, here's what the cast of My So-Called Life have been up to over the past 2 decades...

Looking back at Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Carley Tauchert Feature Nov 7, 2013

Carley's series looking back at 90s kids' TV continues with spooky Nickelodeon show, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Looking back at Round The Twist

Carley Tauchert Feature Oct 24, 2013

Carley salutes early 90s children's show Round the Twist, in the first of a regular new series looking back at kids' TV...

Big Miracle review

Carley Tauchert Review Feb 3, 2012

Drew Barrymore is the princess of whales in Big Miracle. Here's Carley's review of a disappointing comedy drama...