Captain America 3

Disney "struggling" with Captain America 3 release date

Simon Brew News Apr 23, 2014

Might someone be about to blink in the Batman Vs Superman against Captain America 3 showdown?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier rumoured DVD & Blu-ray release date

Simon Brew News May 9, 2014

UPDATE: We now know when Captain America 2 is arriving on DVD and Blu-ray...

Warner Bros "not considering" Batman Vs Superman date change

Simon Brew News Apr 9, 2014

Warner Bros is refusing to budge in the Captain America 3 against Batman Vs Superman release date battle...

Confirmed: Captain America 3 up against Batman Vs Superman

Simon Brew News Apr 8, 2014

Marvel confirms Captain America 3 for the same date as Warner Bros' Batman Vs Superman. Who's going to blink first?

Chris Evans may be done with Captain America by end of 2017

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2014

Chris Evans reaffirms his desire to move away from acting post-Captain America, and reckons his Marvel duties will be done by 2017

First hints of Captain America 3 plotline

Simon Brew News Mar 20, 2014

Captain America 3 might just be taking inspiration from another comic book arc...

Captain America 3 to go head to head with Batman Vs Superman

Simon Brew News Mar 14, 2014

The mystery Marvel film that's out the same day as Batman Vs Superman? It looks like Captain America 3...

Russo brothers confirm they're directing Captain America 3

Simon Brew News Mar 12, 2014

Joe and Anthony Russo are definitely directing Captain America 3 for Marvel...

Marvel's Phase 3 films apparently locked

The Disney-owned (nearly) Marvel logo
Simon Brew News Feb 14, 2014

Doctor Strange is set to happen, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 isn't, according to new reports about Marvel's phase three of movies...

Marvel press ahead with Captain America 3, directors return

Simon Brew News Jan 28, 2014

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier nearly done, Marvel doesn't seem to be wasting time with Captain America 3...