Captain America

Captain America 3: start date revealed, handing over the shield discussed

Ryan Lambie News Aug 28, 2014

Returning directors the Russo Brothers talk about Captain America 3, its start date, and the possibility of Chris Evans' departure...

Christopher Markus interview: writing Captain America 2 and 3

James Hunt Interview Aug 14, 2014

Ahead of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's release on disc, we talk to Christopher Markus about sequel screenwriting and Peggy Carter...

Sequels being lined up for 12 of this summer's films

Simon Brew News Aug 11, 2014

Of the big films released between April and August in the US, up to a dozen are already getting sequels...

Captain America 3 plot elements teased

Simon Brew News Aug 6, 2014

The Russo brothers tease one or two elements of their upcoming Captain America 3...

Female Thor, black Cap & Marvel’s history of ‘shock’ changes

Rob Leane Feature Aug 5, 2014

Thor is a woman? Captain America changing skin colour? Thor Croaks? Rob looks back at the history of Marvel's 'shock' changes...

The current state of the big comic book movie universes

Simon Brew Feature Jun 6, 2014

Marvel, DC, Spider-Man and X-Men are each having their own cinematic universes - but how are they all doing?

Why Agent Carter deserves a TV series

Seb Patrick Feature May 27, 2014

Responding to a small pocket of online negativity, Seb argues the case for Marvel's forthcoming Agent Carter TV series...

Agent Carter series confirmed to have 8 episodes

Louisa Mellor News May 20, 2014

Last week, it was confirmed that Marvel's new Agent Carter series will comprise 8 episodes...

First poster & synopsis for Marvel's Agent Carter series

Louisa Mellor Poster May 11, 2014

Read the synopsis and see the first poster for Marvel's forthcoming Peggy Carter spin-off series, here...

Marvel's Agent Carter to get her own series

Ryan Lambie News May 9, 2014

It's been confirmed that ABC has ordered a series starring Hayley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter...