Captain America

Marvel Studios' mystery movies: what could they be?

Rob Leane Feature
Oct 12, 2015

Marvel Studios has announced three movies without titles for 2020. We did some digging to predict what they might be…

Captain America: Civil War - "there's no clear bad guy here"

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Chris Evans has been chatting about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, and the challenge facing Cap.

Marvel Studios: how long is left on everyone’s contracts?

Rob Leane Feature
Oct 9, 2015

How long until Cap, Iron Man and co need to renegotiate their multi-film Marvel contracts? We did some digging…

Captain America: Civil War - "it's darker and it's fun"

Simon Brew News
Sep 16, 2015

Elizabeth Olsen is also unsure yet if she's going to be a part of Avengers: Infinity War.

Captain America: Civil War boasts some "serious, serious fighting"

Simon Brew News
Sep 15, 2015

Sebastian Stan on his Captain America future, and the brutal fighting work of Captain America: Civil War...

Captain America: Civil War will see 'transformed' Scarlet Witch

Simon Brew News
Sep 14, 2015

Elizabeth Olsen on returning to play Scarlet Witch in next summer's Captain America: Civil War...

Chris Evans on his Captain America future

Captain America
Simon Brew News
Sep 7, 2015

Is Chris Evans still planning to quit playing Captain America - and acting altogether - once his Marvel contract is up?

Captain America: Civil War new poster, Hawkeye costume

Simon Brew News
Aug 28, 2015

Jeremy Renner reveals a new poster, new artwork and a new Hawkeye costume for Captain America: Civil War...

Captain America: Civil War is "a family dispute"

Simon Brew News
Aug 17, 2015

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie have been chatting about next year's Captain America: Civil War...

Avengers Age Of Ultron: a film people wanted but didn't love?

James Hunt Feature
Aug 18, 2015

Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel was a huge box office hit. But why - when it tries so hard to please fans - don't more love it?