Buffy the Vampire Slayer

How Bitten beat the curse of the female werewolf

Caroline Preece Feature Apr 10, 2014

Canadian series Bitten takes the concept of the female werewolf into new and exciting territory, argues Caroline...

Angel's 10 funniest moments

Juliette Harrisson Feature Apr 17, 2014

Buffy spin-off Angel wasn't all doom and gloom. Juliette counts down its 10 funniest moments...

25 super-powered kids on geek TV

Louisa Mellor Odd List Mar 27, 2014

To mark Believe’s UK premiere tonight, we revisit 25 of geek TV’s most memorable children with supernatural abilities…

What Angel's first season did right

Juliette Harrisson Feature Mar 12, 2014

It's rarely the most popular of the five, but Juliette argues we shouldn't dismiss the many achievements of Angel's first season...

Looking back at the work of David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf

Louisa Mellor Feature Jan 31, 2014

A look at the pre-Grimm work of co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, a screenwriting partnership that’s lasted over thirty years…

Grimm fairy tales, as told by Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Juliette Harrisson Feature Jan 27, 2014

Buffy used almost as many fairy tale tropes as horror movies ones. Juliette compares Buffy's versions with the original Grimm tales...

The evolution of TV's demon hunters

Caroline Preece Feature Jan 23, 2014

Demon hunters have changed: no longer crazy old men like Van Helsing, the current breed of screen heroes are young and, well, cool...

In defence of 'monster of the week' episodes

Juliette Harrisson Feature Jan 6, 2014

While TV shows nowadays tend to concentrate on building complex mythologies, what's wrong with the odd one-off monster?

A Christmas Carol in geek TV

Becky Lea Feature Dec 24, 2013

With help from Star Trek, Buffy, Quantum Leap, & more, Becky traces the influence of Dickens' A Christmas Carol on geek TV...

Jane Espenson, Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon & Amy Acker on Husbands

Laura Akers Chris Hicks Interview Nov 28, 2013

Laura chats to the creators and cast of Husbands about the online comedy's third series...