Brian De Palma

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace set for De Palma's Passion

Glen Chapman News
Dec 15, 2011

Brian De Palma's first film since 2007's Redacted is a remake of a French noir, and is set to feature the talents of Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace.

Looking back at Brian De Palma's Phantom Of The Paradise

Jeff Szpirglas News
Nov 21, 2011

It’s Brian De Palma’s 1974 musical take on The Phantom Of The Opera, and it’s quite odd. But as Jeff explains, Phantom Of The Paradise is also rather good…

Iconic movie scene: The Untouchables’ Union Station shoot-out

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 16, 2011

Brian De Palma directed one of the finest sequences of his career in The Untouchables. Ryan takes a look at its Union Station shoot-out…

The cast and crew of Scarface: where are they now?

James Peaty News
Sep 7, 2011

Out this week on Blu-ray, the Brian De Palma’s gangster picture Scarface remains a classic. We find out what its cast and crew got up to in the years after its release...

Scarface Blu-ray review

Luke Holland Review
Sep 2, 2011

One of the finest gangster movies of the past 30-odd years gets a 21st century reissue. Here's Luke's review of the new Blu-ray release of Scarface...

10 directors in need of a hit

Luke Holland Odd List
Apr 26, 2011

They’ve had their successes, and they clearly have talent. Yet all hasn't been going to plan. Luke looks at 10 directors in need of a critical and financial hit…

Do interesting directors get lost to big movie franchises?

Simon Brew News
Sep 22, 2010

What are we missing out on, wonders Simon, when an interesting director ends up committed to a major blockbuster and its sequels?

Brian De Palma to direct Venice-set thriller The Toyer

Brian De Palma
Ryan Lambie News
Aug 17, 2010

Veteran director Brian De Palma is set to return to the thriller genre with an adaptation of Gardner McKay’s novel The Toyer…

Paranormal Activity 2: still no director?

Louis Tully News
Mar 17, 2010

Reports that Akiva Goldsman had signed on to helm Paranormal Activity 2 prove to be premature…

Brian De Palma for Paranormal Activity 2?

Simon Brew News
Feb 25, 2010

Paramount is still pushing ahead with Paranormal Activity 2 — but could Brian De Palma really be signed up to direct?