Brian Cox

First trailer for incoming sci-fi film, The Anomaly

Simon Brew Trailer Apr 17, 2014

Ian Somerhalder stars, as the first trailer lands for Noel Clarke's upcoming sci-fi film, The Anomaly...

Red 2 review

Duncan Bowles Review

A talented, eclectic cast can't make up for an uneven tone and derivative action, Duncan writes, in his review of Red 2...

John Lithgow cast in Dog Fight

John Lithgow
Glen Chapman News Nov 24, 2011

The great John Lithgow lands a brand new role, in Will Ferrell's latest film, Dog Fight...

Brian Cox interview: Manhunter, Hannibal The Cannibal, Adaptation, Michael Mann and Brett Ratner

Ryan Lambie Interview Sep 30, 2011

With Manhunter out now on Blu-ray, we had the chance to talk to Brian Cox, who played the first big-screen incarnation of Hannibal the Cannibal…

Why you should watch Michael Mann's Manhunter

Ryan Lambie News Sep 21, 2011

With Manhunter making its Blu-ray debut on Monday, we take a look back at Michael Mann’s classic 80s thriller, in Hannibal Lecter's movie debut...

Wonders Of The Solar System: Dead Or Alive review

Ryan Lambie Review Mar 28, 2010

Professor Brian Cox continues to serve up fascinating material, as Wonders Of The Solar System continues to take us on a journey around the galaxy...