Bradley Cooper

Wet Hot American Summer: new full-length trailer for Netflix revival

Rob Leane News Jul 3, 2015

A new and longer trailer for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp has landed online. You can have a look here...

The Crow loses yet another leading man

Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2015

And another one's gone: this time, Jack Huston has dropped out of the lead role in The Crow reboot...

Aloha review

Ronald Hogan Review Jun 2, 2015

Cameron Crowe's heavily-criticised Aloha has more going for it than it's being given credit for...

Limitless: first trailer airs, Bradley Cooper confirmed

Rob Leane News May 14, 2015

Bradley Cooper will reprise his role from the Limitless movie as a recurring role in the new TV show, which also now has a trailer...

Clint Eastwood: American Sniper is "anti-war"

Simon Brew News Mar 17, 2015

With American Sniper arriving on DVD and Blu-ray in June, Clint Eastwood argues that his hit film is "anti-war".

Limitless TV show: Jake McDorman to star

Rob Leane News Mar 12, 2015

The TV series based on Bradley Cooper’s Limitless film will star Jake McDorman, also seen in American Sniper…

The Crow: now Jack Huston is linked with lead role

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2015

Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans have all been linked with The Crow reboot. Now it's Jack Huston's turn.

Cameron Crowe's Aloha: the first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 13, 2015

Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone headline Cameron Crowe's new film Aloha. Here's the first trailer...

The Amazing Spider-Man's Marc Webb directing Limitless pilot

Rob Leane News Feb 4, 2015

Neil Burger is replaced by Marc Webb in the latest update from the Limitless TV adaptation…

The Crow: Luke Evans officially departs the reboot

Simon Brew News Jan 26, 2015

Luke Evans follows Bradley Cooper, and walks away from the planned remake/reboot of The Crow.