Blade Runner 2

Alcon offers Harrison Ford Blade Runner 2 - by press release

Simon Brew News May 16, 2014

Alcon Entertainment confirms the new Blade Runner movie will be a sequel - and invites Harrison Ford to join the project...

Harrison Ford on Han or Greedo, Blade Runner 2

Simon Brew News Apr 14, 2014

Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? Harrison Ford has a simple answer to the question...

Belated franchise revivals: the new Hollywood trend?

Ryan Lambie Feature Apr 10, 2014

As Richard Donner floats the possibility of The Goonies 2, we wonder whether belated franchise revivals are a new Hollywood trend...

The possible future films of Ridley Scott

Ryan Lambie Odd List Nov 20, 2013

The constantly busy Ridley Scott always has lots of potential films in production, so here's a look at what he might be up to next...

Ridley Scott on Exodus, Blade Runner 2, Prometheus 2

Glen Chapman News Oct 29, 2013

Ridley Scott has been chatting about his upcoming slate, including Exodus, Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2 and The Forever War

Harrison Ford confirms Blade Runner 2 discussions

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2013

Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford have been having Blade Runner 2 chats, the actor confirms...

Screenwriter hired for Blade Runner 2

Vangelis' Blade Runner score: classic
Glen Chapman News Jun 3, 2013

Michael Green, writer of Green Lantern, has been hired to write the Blade Runner sequel.

Ridley Scott wants Harrison Ford for Blade Runner 2

Simon Brew News May 28, 2012

He's not having the lead role, but Harrison Ford is still on the radar for the new Blade Runner movie...

Harrison Ford in talks for new Blade Runner movie?

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Simon Brew News Feb 6, 2012

Could Harrison Ford be joining up with Ridley Scott again for the new Blade Runner film?

Writer found for Blade Runner 2?

Simon Brew News Sep 26, 2011

Ridley Scott’s proposed Blade Runner sequel looks like it’s slowly moving forward, as a writer is hired to pen a screenplay for it. Details here…