The top 10 films of 2014: The Raid 2

Becky Lea Feature Dec 18, 2014

The top 10 run-down of our favourite 2014 films begins with Gareth Evans' violent action gangster sequel, The Raid 2...

Gareth Evans & Iko Uwais interview: The Raid 2, violence and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Apr 8, 2014

Ahead of The Raid 2's UK release, we meet its director and star, Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais, to chat about violence, Statham and more...

The Raid 2 review

Ryan Lambie Review Mar 18, 2014

Fists fly and blood flows in The Raid 2. Here's Ryan's review of director Gareth Evans' action sequel...

The Raid 2: Barandal - first full trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jan 3, 2014

Director Gareth Evans follows up his stunning 2011 martial arts flick The Raid with the sequel, Barandal. Here's the first full trailer...

The Raid 2 to begin shooting this month

The Raid
Ryan Lambie News Jan 3, 2013

Director Gareth Evans offers an update on his sequel to The Raid, Berandal...