Being John Malkovich

What films should be expanded into shared universes?

James Clayton Feature May 16, 2015

Shared universes are big business right now, and here are seven franchises that could, and should be expanded...

Spike Jonze Interview: Her, Joaquin Phoenix, Expendables 4

Matt Edwards Interview Feb 13, 2014

With his new film, Her, out in the UK this week, Spike Jonze chats about directing Joaquin Phoenix, his Expendables 4 plot idea, and more...

10 funny instances of actors playing themselves in movies

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 5, 2013

This Is The End doesn't have the monopoly on actors playing themselves in movies. Just check this lot out...

Synecdoche, New York review

Synecdoche, New York
CJ Wheeler Review Jun 8, 2009

Charlie Kaufman gave us Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine and Adaptation. His latest, however, is arguably his most unusual yet...

Top 10 actors playing themselves

Martin Anderson Top 10 Oct 13, 2008

It's the role of a lifetime, and we all play it. Though not usually on TV or in major motion pictures…