Being Human (USA) season 4

Being Human (USA) season 4 finale review: There Goes The Neighbourhood (Part 3)

Kaci Ferrell Review
Apr 8, 2014

Kaci finds the Being Human (USA) finale a tad emotional...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 12 review: House Hunting

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Apr 1, 2014

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Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 11 review: Ramona The Pest

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Mar 25, 2014

With just two episodes of Being Human USA left, season four is gearing up for a heartbreaking finale...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 10 review: Oh Don't You Die For Me

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Mar 18, 2014

Josh is in pain and Sally meddles in this week's Being Human (USA). Plus ca change...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 9 review: Too Far, Fast Forward

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Mar 11, 2014

Kaci is frustrated by one of Being Human's remaining episodes having no consequences...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 8 review: Rewind, Rewind...

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Mar 4, 2014

Being Human (USA) is approaching its endgame. Here's Kaci's review of Rewind, Rewind...

Syfy cancels Being Human (USA)

Louisa Mellor News
Feb 26, 2014

The US version of Being Human will end for good after the currently airing season four...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 7: Gallows Humor

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Feb 25, 2014

Prepare for heartbreak in this week's episode of Being Human (USA)...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 6 review: Cheater Of The Pack

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Feb 18, 2014

Being Human (USA) takes its foot off the pedal this week, with a less-than-vital instalment. Here's Kaci's review...

Being Human (USA) season 4 episode 5 review: Pack It Up, Pack It In

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Feb 11, 2014

Being Human (USA) goes back to the roaring twenties in this week's instalment. Here's Kaci's review...