Taylor Kitsch interview: Battleship, John Carter, Friday Night Lights, Gambit and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Apr 11, 2012

Ahead of the release of Battleship, we met with its leading man Taylor Kitsch to talk about its making, as well as his past and future roles...

Battleship review

Ryan Lambie Review Apr 10, 2012

Director Peter Berg takes to the ocean with the big-budget sci-fi action movie, Battleship. Here’s our review...

Peter Berg interview: directing Battleship, filming at sea, Kevin Costner, ILM effects and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Apr 2, 2012

Ahead of Battleship’s UK release, we met director Peter Berg to talk effects, aliens, and the perils of shooting movies at sea…

Hollywood’s love affair with expensive movies

Ryan Lambie News Mar 12, 2012

As John Carter kicks off the season of big-budget movies early, we take a closer look at Hollywood’s enduring love of producing expensive pictures…

New trailer for Battleship

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 22, 2012

The new international trailer for Battleship has angry Liam Neeson and some foes you really, really don’t want to mess with…

The Superbowl trailer for Battleship

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 6, 2012

The new promo spot for Battleship suggest the screen might just be full of explosions, special effects and Liam Neeson in April…

The top 25 must-see movies of 2012

Simon Brew Odd List Dec 8, 2011

Next year’s full to bursting with exciting movies, so to help out a little, here’s our pick of 25 must-see movies out in 2012…

Battleship: first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 27, 2011

Boats. Men in uniform. It’s the first trailer for Battleship, and you can see it right here…

2012: Hollywood’s most insane year for blockbuster movies?

Simon Brew News Feb 1, 2011

Is 2012 looking like the most packed year for major blockbusters yet? And is it a high stakes game that Hollywood has any chance of winning?

Will Battleship degrade cinema? James Cameron thinks so

Ti Singh News Jan 18, 2011

Will Battleship really degrade cinema? We catch up wtih what James Cameron has been saying about it...