Alan Moore

Constantine episode 1 review: Non Est Asylum

Kylie Peters Review Oct 27, 2014

Does the TV version of Constantine live up to its layered, lyrical Hellblazer legacy? Not yet, but give it time...

David S Goyer talks Constantine TV series

Louisa Mellor News Mar 11, 2014

New Constantine series will be closer to the Hellblazer comics than the Keanu Reeves film says David S Goyer...

The return of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore's Miracleman

Seb Patrick Feature Oct 15, 2013

Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore's British superhero is making a comeback! Here's everything you need to know about Miracleman...

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen coming to TV

Louisa Mellor News Jul 10, 2013

Fox is developing a TV adaptation of Alan Moore's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

Crowdfunding Friday: Kaiju, Alan Moore and Chessboxing

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 28, 2013

From giant monsters to Alan Moore to Chessboxing, here's a fresh selection of worthy, geek-friendly crowdfunding projects...

The comic book influences behind Man Of Steel

James Peaty Feature May 15, 2013

Man Of Steel aims to bring a new Superman to the big screen. But which comic books, artists and writers influenced it? James takes a look...

Watch Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' short film Jimmy's End here

Ryan Lambie News Nov 27, 2012

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have posted their latest short film online. You can watch the dark, eerie Jimmy's End here...

Alan Moore vs the world in League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009

Jennie Whitwood News Jun 19, 2012

Watchmen's author Alan Moore continues to revise the characters of popular culture in Century 2009...

Ghost Rider, The Walking Dead, and creative ownership in comics

Creator rights Walking Dead
CJ Wheeler News Feb 15, 2012

When an artist or writer creates a successful character who gets the credit? CJ spotlights ongoing battles between creators and publishers, and among creators themselves...

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre Amanda Conner
Jennie Whitwood News Feb 7, 2012

A lot of interest in Before Watchmen will focus on Rorschach, The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan, but what about Silk Spectre? Jennie argues that Alan Moore's superheroine has innate potential...