Air Force One

Harrison Ford on Han or Greedo, Blade Runner 2

Simon Brew News Apr 14, 2014

Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? Harrison Ford has a simple answer to the question...

Not entirely appropriate celebrations in action movies

Simon Brew Feature Oct 1, 2013

You know at the end of some action movies where everyone jumps up in euphoria? Is it just us that thinks they've forgotten a few things?

Action cinema’s angriest dads

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Whatever you do, don’t kidnap their daughters – here’s our list of cinema’s angriest dads…

Harrison Ford on Cowboys & Aliens, Indiana Jones and Air Force One 2

Louisa Mellor News Aug 16, 2011

Harrison Ford natters about Cowboys & Aliens, which arrives in the UK today, along with Indiana Jones and Air Force One sequels...