Saturn 3

Celebrating cinema's 15 less famous killer robots

Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 31, 2015

Never mind The Terminator and ED-209, what about Eve, Hector or Warbeast? Here's a pick of 15 less famous killer robots from the movies...

10 of cinema's most unexpected and strange robots

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Nov 20, 2012

One's furry. Another throws a killer basketball. We salute a few of cinema's ungainly, weird and downright unexpected robots...

In praise of the sci-fi corridor

Roger Christian and Ron Cobb giving good corridor in Alien (1979)
Martin Anderson News Sep 2, 2009

Yes, this could comfortably be the very nerdiest piece ever put up at Den Of Geek...

Saturn 3: an 80s remake too far?

Kirk Douglas fights Hector in Saturn 3 (1980)
Martin Anderson News Aug 20, 2009

Hollywood is down to ‘Outland’…but is it desperate enough to complete its remake-sweep of 80s sci-fi movies…?