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New rumour suggests Indiana Jones may be recast

Indiana Jones
Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2014

If Indiana Jones 5 doesn't get moving soon, it looks as if Harrison Ford may be replaced in the title role...

Revisiting Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Simon Brew Feature Mar 17, 2014

Simon takes a look back at the much-maligned Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystall Skull...

The Indiana Jones films that never were

Indiana Jones
Simon Brew Feature Jan 31, 2014

There are currently four Indiana Jones movies, and some might say that's one too many. But what about the Indy movies that never were?

Revisiting Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Simon Brew Feature Jan 30, 2014

The lightest, funniest Indiana Jones movie generally ranks second, behind Raiders of the Lost Ark. Simon takes a look back...

Revisiting Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Simon Brew Feature Jan 28, 2014

Simon takes another look at arguably the most brutal blockbuster movie of the 1980s: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom...

Positives to take from the Star Wars prequels

Rob Leane Feature Jan 15, 2014

For Star Wars: Episode VII, should JJ Abrams ignore the prequels altogether? Rob optimistically looks for some positives...

Lucasfilm reveals old Star Wars re-release trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Oct 31, 2013

The original trailer for the re-release of Star Wars: A New Hope, just after it'd won at the Oscars...

LucasFilm releases first Revenge Of The Jedi trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Oct 24, 2013

That's not a typo: here's the trailer for when Return Of The Jedi was Revenge Of The Jedi...

Sahara Desert about to cover Star Wars Tatooine set

Simon Brew News Oct 21, 2013

The Tunisian set of Mos Espa, used by George Lucas in the Star Wars prequels, doesn't have too long left...

New Star Wars trilogy was planned prior to Disney sale

The Star Wars logo.
Glen Chapman News Oct 9, 2013

In a recent interview, George Lucas' son reveals that work began on a new Star Wars trilogy a year before Disney bought LucasFilm...