Nintendo Direct delivers Mario Kart 8 release date

Aaron Birch News Feb 14, 2014

The latest Nintendo Direct was packed with information as usual, including some key releases...

Nintendo Direct announces new Zelda title

Aaron Birch News Dec 19, 2013

The Wii U is set to get a new Zelda game, but it's not the kind of Zelda you'd expect...

Bravely Default launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Dec 5, 2013

New 3DS RPG, Bravely Default, has a launch trailer ahead of its arrival tomorrow...

Why Nintendo should stay in the console business

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 4, 2013

Although described as 'irrelevant' by Naughty dog founder Jason Rubin, Nintendo's hardware is a vital part of the industry, Ryan argues...

Nintendo giving Super Mario 3D Land away for free

Aaron Birch News Nov 20, 2013

Want a free copy of Super Mario 3D Land for free and have a 3DS or 3DS XL to register? Read on...

Nintendo Direct November 13

Aaron Birch News Nov 14, 2013

The latest Nintendo Direct has aired, and contains more information about upcoming games ad new services...

Nintendo announces 2DS console - intro trailer here

Ryan Lambie News Aug 28, 2013

Nintendo has announced a cheaper, 2D-only version of the 3DS. See the 2DS introduction trailer here...

Nintendo Direct details

Aaron Birch News Aug 8, 2013

Nintendo's latest Direct has revealed some more information on upcoming releases, and you can see it here...

Nintendo Direct details

Aaron Birch News Apr 18, 2013

The latest Nintendo Direct contained a boatload of 3DS details, which you can find below...

Latest Resident Evil Revelations trailer

Resident Evil Revelations
Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 8, 2012

To celebrate the US launch, Resident Evil Revelations has a new trailer