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X-Men TV series in development at Fox

Rob Leane News Jan 27, 2015

Fox are working on a live action TV series for the X-Men, with Star Trek and 24 talent involved…

Escape From New York remake moving ahead

Simon Brew News Jan 14, 2015

John Carpenter joins the Escape From New York remake as executive producer, as Fox picks up the rights...

Assassin's Creed movie: production begins, release date set

Brendon Connelly News Feb 13, 2015

It's definite: the Assassin's Creed movie has started shooting, and will be with us next year...

Why Alien: Isolation proves the Alien deserves another movie

Ryan Lambie Feature Oct 21, 2014

The detail and atmosphere in the videogame Alien: Isolation proves that the 35-year-old xenomorph still has the power to inspire fear.

HR Giger and the making of Alien

Ryan Lambie Feature May 15, 2014

We pay tribute to the work of the late artist HR Giger, and follow the making of his masterpiece of design, the Alien...

Mark Millar joins Fox as creative consultant of Marvel titles

Glen Chapman News Oct 1, 2012

Following Marvel appointing Joss Whedon in a similar role Fox have taken note and secured their own creative consultant.

Fox and Marvel set to make a deal over Daredevil and Fantastic Four?

Glen Chapman News Aug 7, 2012

With a deadline to reboot Daredevil looming, Fox might make a deal with Marvel to buy itself more production time...

Alien Anthology Blu-ray confirmed and detailed

Ryan Lambie News Jul 15, 2010

The official announcement of the Alien movies on Blu-ray arrives, with full details of the extra features right here...

New movie stills appear for Machete

Ryan Lambie News Jul 8, 2010

Robert Rodriguez’s forthcoming Machete, starring Danny Trejo, gets a sharp-looking collection of new promotional stills…