Steven Spielberg

Bridge of Spies: new trailer for Spielberg's new film

Simon Brew Trailer Sep 17, 2015

Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance star in Steven Spielberg's new film, Bridge Of Spies. Here's the latest trailer...

Zack Snyder responds to Spielberg's superhero comments

Simon Brew News Sep 10, 2015

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice's director addresses superhero movie fatigue, and DC movie universe rumours...

Chris Evans and James Gunn on superhero movie fatigue

Simon Brew News Sep 8, 2015

Following Steven Spielberg's comments about superhero movies, Captain America himself and James Gunn have shared a thought or two.

Steven Spielberg predicts decline of superhero movies

Simon Brew News Sep 3, 2015

"There will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the western", predicts Steven Spielberg...

Ready Player One casting: Olivia Cooke wins big role

Simon Brew News Sep 14, 2015

Olivia Cooke has landed the part of Art3mis in Steven Spielberg's film of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One...

Gene Wilder linked with Spielberg's Ready Player One

Simon Brew News Aug 11, 2015

Could Gene Wilder be coaxed out of retirement for a new Steven Spielberg movie?

Steven Spielberg confirmed for Ready Player One, due 2017

Simon Brew News Aug 7, 2015

The big screen take on Ernest Cline's Ready Player One now has a release date...

Why 35 screenwriters worked on The Flintstones movie

Simon Brew Feature Aug 10, 2015

The messy history of The Flintstones movie led to a change in the way writing credits on movies were arbitrated...

Jurassic World 2: first hints of possible story

Simon Brew News Aug 4, 2015

Director Colin Trevorrow has been chatting about where the Jurassic Park story may head next...

10 great Hollywood directing hot streaks

Nick Horton Feature Aug 5, 2015

Pete Docter, Francis Ford Coppola, Rob Reiner and a bunch of other movie directors who went through a time where they could do no wrong...