Where Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaves Sony's superhero universe

James Hunt Feature Apr 18, 2014

What hints did Amazing Spider-Man 2 give us about the rest of Sony's planned Spider-Man franchise?

Avi Arad & Matt Tolmach interview: Spider-Man, Hulk

Simon Brew Interview Apr 16, 2014

The producers of the new Spider-Man movies chat to us about their plans for the Spider-Man universe. Plus: Ghost Rider, Hulk and Statham...

Powers TV series coming to Playstation Network

Louisa Mellor News Mar 20, 2014

FX turned it down, but Sony's PSN has picked up 10 episodes of new comic adaptation, Powers...

Marc Webb won't direct The Amazing Spider-Man 4

Glen Chapman News Mar 17, 2014

Director Marc Webb confirms that he's moving on after The Amazing Spider-Man 3...

Sony developing Sega vs Nintendo movie

Simon Brew News Feb 24, 2014

Console Wars tells the story of Sega taking on Nintendo in the 80s and 90s. Now, Sony has picked up the movie rights...

Gran Turismo 5 and the impermanence of modern games

Ryan Lambie Feature Jan 8, 2014

As it's announced that GT5 and other PS3 titles will have their servers shut down soon, Ryan looks at the impermanence of modern games...

Legacy emulation with extra content coming to PS4?

Aaron Birch News Jan 6, 2014

A patent filed by Sony cold hint that the PS4 will receive an interesting take on backwards compatibility...

Do fewer studio movies offer a big opportunity?

Simon Brew Feature Dec 2, 2013

The rise of Lionsgate and the decreasing number of big studio movies might just be shaking up the film marketplace...

Sony to monitor PSN communications

Aaron Birch News Nov 12, 2013

Sony's new terms and conditions state the ability to monitor PSN activities...

Dreamworks boss offered $75 million for 3 new Breaking Bad episodes

Louisa Mellor News Oct 10, 2013

Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced he offered $75 million for 3 extra episodes of Breaking Bad, to be released online after the finale...