Doctor Strange: Ethan Hawke came "as close as anybody could"

Simon Brew News Jan 6, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch may have landed the role of Doctor Strange for Marvel. But it seems Ethan Hawke ran him close.

Scott Derrickson interview: Deliver Us From Evil, Deus Ex, reactions

Simon Brew Interview Aug 22, 2014

The director of Deliver Us From Evil, Scott Derrickson, chats to us about the film, Deus Ex, and horror for kids...

Sinister 2 has confirmed 2015 release date

Simon Brew News Jul 24, 2014

The sequel to Sinister will arrive in August 2015, it's been confirmed...

Sinister 2 set to shoot next month

Simon Brew News Jul 16, 2014

The sequel to Sinister goes before the cameras in August, suggesting a 2015 release.

The genre cinema of Ethan Hawke

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 4, 2013

With Sinister and The Purge on his recent CV, and Getaway on the horizon, Ethan Hawke's becoming one of the finest genre actors working...

Sinister 2 gets the green light

Simon Brew News Mar 4, 2013

The hugely profitable Sinister is to get a sequel...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie update

Simon Brew News Feb 22, 2013

The team behind the Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie give an update on the project...

Sinister director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie

Simon Brew News Nov 16, 2012

The man who made Sinister has the job of brining Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the big screen...

Sinister review

Ryan Lambie Review Sep 25, 2012

Ethan Hawke stars in a horror film from the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious. Here’s our review of Sinister…