Simon Pegg

Top 10 films of 2013: The World's End

Duncan Bowles Feature Dec 26, 2013

At second place in our rundown of our favourite films of 2013? That'd be The World's End...

Simon Pegg interview: The World's End, Paul, Statham

Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2013

Simon Pegg looks back on The World's End, in an interview with a spoiler or two within it...

Why aren't filmmakers allowed to respond to online critics?

Simon Brew Feature Sep 11, 2013

Is there an unwritten rule that filmmakers aren't allowed to reply to their online critics, Simon wonders...

Edgar Wright on The World's End, the Cornetto trilogy, sci-fi

Seb Patrick Interview Jul 17, 2013

With The World's End out this week, Edgar Wright talks to us about Spaced, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead, and ending the Cornetto trilogy...

The World's End review

Seb Patrick Review Jul 9, 2013

The Cornetto trilogy is complete, as Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost deliver The World's End. Here's our review...

New, slightly different trailer for The World's End

Simon Brew Trailer Jun 20, 2013

A new US trailer for Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's The World's End adds a little more footage...

The World's End: new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer May 22, 2013

Edgar Wright's final Cornetto Trilogy movie The World's End is almost with us - and here's the new trailer...

New posters for The World's End

Simon Brew Poster May 22, 2013

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's The World's End edges closer. And here's a pair of new posters for it...

The first trailer for The World's End

Simon Brew Trailer May 8, 2013

Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost reunite for The World's End. Get a first look at it right here...

New poster for The World's End

Glen Chapman Poster May 7, 2013

Pegg, Frost, Wright, a pub and some creepy people with bright blue eyes. It's the poster for The World's End.