Sony developing Sega vs Nintendo movie

Simon Brew News Feb 24, 2014

Console Wars tells the story of Sega taking on Nintendo in the 80s and 90s. Now, Sony has picked up the movie rights...

Sega unveils Sonic Boom

Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 7, 2014

Sonic's back again, and this time he's got a new look, and a CG TV series...

First trailer lands for Alien: Isolation

Ryan Lambie Feature Jan 7, 2014

Gibber - it's the first trailer for Creative Assembly's Giger-themed horror videogame, Alien: Isolation...

In memoriam: videogame cover artist Greg Martin

Ryan Lambie News Jan 6, 2014

Artist Greg Martin, responsible for a range of classic game covers in the 80s and 90s, including Sonic The Hedgehog, has sadly passed away.

Alien Isolation artwork leaked online

Aaron Birch News Dec 10, 2013

Some interesting artwork for Creative Assembly's reported Alien game has leaked online...

10 unique videogames from the Cold War

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Sep 17, 2013

What can videogames tell us about the volatile east-west relations in the 1980s? Ryan takes a look at 10 unique titles from the Cold War...

Castle Of Illusion Xbox 360 review

Ryan Lambie Review Sep 3, 2013

Sega revives the 90s Mickey Mouse platformer Castle Of Illusion for the HD age. How does it compare to the beloved original? We find out...

Colonial Marines and the state of the Aliens franchise

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 27, 2013

What went wrong with Aliens: Colonial Marines, and what, Ryan wonders, does its critical failure mean for the franchise's future?

The 1983 videogame crash: what went wrong, and could it happen again?

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 19, 2013

A thriving games industry was brought to its knees 30 years ago. Ryan looks at what happened, and whether it could do so again...

Sega makes staff cuts, cancels games

Aaron Birch News Mar 30, 2012

The hard times are getting harder for games companies, and Sega is the latest to fall to the pressure…