Max Payne coming to PlayStation 4?

Max Payne: facing his demons...
Ryan Lambie News
Dec 8, 2015

A new listing on the ESRB suggests that Max Payne is heading to PlayStation 4. Could it be a re-release of the original...?

The Gamechangers & why we need a good film about game design

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 17, 2015

BBC’s The Gamechangers didn’t exactly do its GTA subject matter justice. Ryan explains why we need a great movie about game design...

Rockstar responds to BBC's GTA film, The Gamechangers

Ryan Lambie News
Sep 16, 2015

"Was Basil Brush busy?" Developer Rockstar offers its response to the BBC's Grand Theft Auto film, The Gamechangers...

The Gamechangers review

Ryan Lambie Review
Sep 16, 2015

Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton star in The Gamechangers, a drama about the making of the Grand Theft Auto series. Any good? Not exactly...

GTA V: PC mod lets you punch cars like a mad Superman

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 22, 2015

A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V gives you the strength of a Kryptonian. Video evidence within...

Daniel Radcliffe to star in drama about Grand Theft Auto

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 9, 2015

Grand Theft Auto will dramatise the controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto games, and will star Daniel Radcliffe...

GTA Online Heists artwork teases weapons and vehicles

Ryan Lambie News
Feb 23, 2015

Some artwork from Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto Online Heists DLC teases its weapons, vehicles and equipment...

GTA V PC delayed, system specs revealed

Aaron Birch News
Jan 14, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V on PC has suffered a delay, and it'll be in development for another month...

Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 review

Aaron Birch Review
Nov 20, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V has arrived on current generation consoles with a bang, and is more than a simple HD remaster...

GTA V first person mode for PS4, Xbox One, and PC?

Aaron Birch News
Sep 22, 2014

That's the sound of the rumour mill grinding, as some GTA V current gen details leak online...