Roberto Orci

New details of Sinister Six and Venom movies

Simon Brew News Jan 16, 2014

Writer Robert Orci has been chatting about the planned Spider-Man spin-off movies, Sinister Six and Venom...

Sony pressing ahead with Venom and Sinister Six movies

Simon Brew News Dec 13, 2013

Sony recruits a bunch of writers to expand the Spider-Man cinematic universe, with Sinister Six and Venom movies on the agenda.

New writers board Star Trek 3 (aka Star Trek 13)

Simon Brew News Dec 9, 2013

Two new writers board the next Star Trek movie, as Alex Kurtzman drops out of the project...

Tales From The Darkside remake in development

Louisa Mellor News Nov 13, 2013

The CW is planning to bring back horror/fantasy anthology Tales From The Darkside...

Joe Cornish linked to Star Trek 3

Glen Chapman News Nov 4, 2013

It seems as though Attack The Block director Joe Cornish is a frontrunner to helm Star Trek 3

Sony gets to work on The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Simon Brew News Oct 3, 2013

Writers are hired for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and there are some familiar faces back on board...

Sleepy Hollow episode 2 review: Blood Moon

Caroline Preece Review Sep 25, 2013

Sleepy Hollow's second episode can't quite match the pace of its pilot, but it's still pretty good. Here's Caroline's review...

Sleepy Hollow episode 1 review: Pilot

Caroline Preece Review Sep 18, 2013

Sleepy Hollow gets off to a promising, if flawed start. Here's Caroline's review of Fox's new fantasy drama...

The Mummy reboot lands a new director

The Mummy
Simon Brew News Sep 13, 2013

It was Len Wiseman, but now the director of Mama moves onto The Mummy...

Why aren't filmmakers allowed to respond to online critics?

Simon Brew Feature Sep 11, 2013

Is there an unwritten rule that filmmakers aren't allowed to reply to their online critics, Simon wonders...