Rise Of The Guardians

DreamWorks Animation shuts down one of its studios

Simon Brew News
Jan 26, 2015

UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation has confirmed it's shutting down one of its two studios, PDI. Over 500 jobs are to go.

The films that grossed $250m+ and apparently flopped

Simon Brew Feature
Jun 26, 2014

Think Waterworld was a massive box office bomb? That John Carter and The Lone Ranger were 'turkeys'? Think again...

Family movies, ambition, and addressing loneliness

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 5, 2014

Think kids' movies are just meaningless fluff? Think again. Many of them address important themes in smart, accessible ways, Simon argues.

Peter Ramsey interview: revisiting Rise Of The Guardians

Simon Brew Interview
Apr 15, 2013

Rise Of The Guardians wasn't quite the hit it should have been. Its director, Peter Ramsey, takes us through the last six months...

DreamWorks drops Me And My Shadow from schedule

Simon Brew News
Feb 6, 2013

DreamWorks jiggles its release slate, as it delays the release of Me And My Shadow...

Peter Ramsey interview: Guardians, animation, and sound

Simon Brew Interview
Nov 30, 2012

The director of Rise Of The Guardians chats to us about animation, del Toro, sound, and his work on films such as Tank Girl and Godzilla...

Rise Of The Guardians review

Simon Brew Review
Nov 12, 2012

DreamWorks Animation brings the work of William Joyce to the screen in style, with Rise Of The Guardians. Here's our review...

Behind the scenes of Rise Of The Guardians

Den Of Geek News
Nov 7, 2012

We're looking forward to the incoming Rise Of The Guardians. And this clip pulls back the curtain a little...

Fox signs deal with DreamWorks Animation

Simon Brew News
Aug 21, 2012

DreamWorks Animation ends its distribution relationship with Paramount, and signs up with Fox.

New trailer for Rise Of The Guardians

Simon Brew Trailer
Jul 6, 2012

A really promising looking animated movie, due from DreamWorks this Christmas: here's the brand new trailer for Rise Of The Guardians...