Ridley Scott

Noomi Rapace talks about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

Simon Brew News Dec 6, 2011

Noomi Rapace spills a few more details and thoughts about her involvement in Ridley Scott's one time Alien prequel, Prometheus...

Ridley Scott talks about Prometheus’ link to Alien

Ryan Lambie News Nov 7, 2011

Ahead of the release of the eagerly-anticipated Prometheus next year, Ridley Scott’s been talking briefly about its title’s meaning, and its ties to Alien…

Ridley Scott on the progress of the Blade Runner sequel

Blade Runner
Simon Brew News Nov 7, 2011

Ridley Scott confirms that he's planning to direct the new Blade Runner film, that it is a sequel, and that the original cast won't be involved...

Just how intelligent is the Alien in the Alien franchise?

Ryan Lambie News Oct 27, 2011

The creature at the heart of the Alien franchise may be a terrifying predator, but how clever is it? Ryan look at the evidence…

Damon Lindelof reveals fresh Prometheus details

Simon Brew News Sep 29, 2011

The covers are very slowly coming off Ridley Scott’s new visit to the world of Alien, Prometheus….

New plot summary arrives for Prometheus

Ryan Lambie News Sep 27, 2011

A brief new description of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus gives us a further hint of what its story’s all about. Beware of very mild plot spoilers within…

Writer found for Blade Runner 2?

Simon Brew News Sep 26, 2011

Ridley Scott’s proposed Blade Runner sequel looks like it’s slowly moving forward, as a writer is hired to pen a screenplay for it. Details here…

Alien Vault book review

Ryan Lambie Review Sep 22, 2011

The making of a sci-fi classic is documented in glorious detail in Ian Nathan’s Alien Vault. Here’s Ryan’s review of a superb book…