One of the PS1's rarest games out on the PlayStation Store

Ryan Lambie News
May 8, 2015

Rare Mega Man game The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne has appeared on the PlayStation Store in America...

PT demo deleted from PlayStation Store library

Ryan Lambie News
May 6, 2015

Silent Hills demo PT has been deleted from the PlayStation Store's library, meaning it's no longer available to download...

Xbox Live & PlayStation Network hacks: can they be stopped?

Aaron Birch Feature
Feb 6, 2015

Hacks on gaming services have become more and more common of late, but what are they, why do they happen, and can they be stopped?

Bloodborne alpha invitations emerge

Aaron Birch News
Sep 17, 2014

Some PSN users are being sent invites to participate in the alpha test of Bloodborne...

Sony court settlement could mean more freebies for US users

Aaron Birch News
Jul 24, 2014

The aftermath of the 2011 hack of PSN isn't over for Sony just yet, and a new court ruling in the US could give people more compensation...

Another World coming to PS4

Aaron Birch News
Jun 19, 2014

The cinematic classic, Another World, is returning, arriving on the PS4 next week...

Early access could be a thing for PSN

Aaron Birch News
Jun 13, 2014

Sony is considering a move into the early access market with its online service...

New Driveclub details

Aaron Birch News
May 8, 2014

We know when PS4 exclusive, Driveclub, is coming, and now we have some more details about the game's versions...

Sony to monitor PSN communications

Aaron Birch News
Nov 12, 2013

Sony's new terms and conditions state the ability to monitor PSN activities...

Dust 514 is go

Aaron Birch News
May 15, 2013

The first free-to-play FPS on console has launched, and all PS3 owners can get in on the action...