Newly released Prometheus stills reveal a hint of Giger

Ryan Lambie News Apr 11, 2012

Yet more images arrive from the Prometheus marketing cauldron, and one of them contains some decidedly HR Giger-inspired activity…

Prometheus preview footage screening and Q&A: our reaction

Ryan Lambie Preview Apr 10, 2012

Yesterday morning, we were treated to a few minutes’ footage from Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Prometheus. Here’s what we thought of it...

Exclusive: Fox to release limited edition Alien Easter egg?

Ryan Lambie News Mar 31, 2012

Leaked artwork might reveal 20th Century Fox’s plans to release a limited edition Alien Easter egg - which comes with a rather sweet surprise inside…

The curse of outer space horror movies

Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 21, 2012

Aside from Alien, why do so few outer space horror movies succeed artistically or financially? Ryan takes a closer look…

Prometheus: international trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Mar 19, 2012

Yet another Prometheus trailer arrives, and this international one has some new footage in it. Including a glimpse of something rather wriggly...

Prometheus full trailer: analysis

Ryan Lambie Trailer Mar 18, 2012

We’ve all seen the full trailer for Prometheus by now, but what does it all mean? We’ve delved deep to gather all its mysteries together in one post…