US box office: Madagascar 3 still on top, Rock Of Ages and That’s My Boy stall

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 18, 2012

As Madagascar 3 again dominates the US box office, newcomers Rock Of Ages and That’s My Boy struggle to compete…

Are we suffering from monster overload?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 19, 2012

Were you frightened by the creatures in Prometheus? If not, Ryan writes, that may be because we’re all suffering from monster overload...

Sir Ridley Scott talks Prometheus 2

Glen Chapman News
Jun 13, 2012

Spolers ahoy as Sir Ridley inevitably gives away some of Prometheus when discussing its sequel.

Where should a Prometheus sequel go next?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 14, 2012

With Prometheus leaving so many questions, we provide a list of some of the riddles – and script problems – we’d like to see resolved in a possible sequel…

Ridley Scott on a longer Prometheus cut

Simon Brew News
Jun 12, 2012

Might we be seeing an extra 20 minutes of Prometheus on the DVD and Blu-ray release later this year?

A closer look at Prometheus’ sci-fi roots

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 12, 2012

In creating Prometheus, its makers appear to have drawn inspiration far and wide. Ryan takes a closer look at the sci-fi lineage of Ridley Scott’s movie…

Trying to answer the questions of Prometheus

Den Of Geek Feature
Jun 2, 2012

SPOILERS: we try and answer the many questions left behind by Prometheus. Including the Prometheus ending...

Prometheus: what did you think?

Den Of Geek News
Jun 1, 2012

Spoilers! Here's where you can debate the merits of Ridley Scott's Prometheus...

The James Clayton Column: Prometheus, and the need for surprise

James Clayton Feature
May 31, 2012

James calls for more mystery when it comes to new releases and celebrates the films that have held back their surprises...

Prometheus review round-up

Simon Brew News
May 30, 2012

The first reviews of Prometheus are starting to filter through. So what are they saying?