Pokemon: Great Detective Pikachu announced

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jan 27, 2016

Wait, Pikachu speaks? Check out the first trailer for Great Detective Pikachu here...

Pikachu's out on the streets: Pokemon Go announced

Ryan Lambie News
Sep 10, 2015

Pocket monster hunting goes mobile as Nintendo announces the free-to-play smartphone game, Pokemon Go...

Revisiting the Nintendo Game Boy

Katie Wong Feature
Jul 28, 2015

Before you could be antisocial by playing on your phone, there was the Gameboy. We take a fond look back at the Nintendo classic...

Top 50 90s kids' TV themes

Andrew Blair Feature
Jun 19, 2015

It's time for... Animaniacs, Playdays and Round The Twist - We double dare you to not sing along with these...

How Pokemon survived 90s Pokemania

Joe Anderton Feature
Sep 22, 2014

A popular phenomenon in the 90s, Pokemon is still going strong today. Joe looks at how the gaming franchise has thrived...

Tekken meets Pokemon in Pokken

Aug 27, 2014

Nintendo's pocket monsters are moving from turn-based combat to real-time fisticuffs...

E3: Nintendo reveals Wii U Zelda, Kirby, Xenoblade and more

Aaron Birch News
Jun 11, 2014

Nintendo's E3 showing took a couple of steps in the right direction, and included a new Zelda for Wii U...

Pokemon X and Y gameplay trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer
May 15, 2013

A new trailer for upcoming pocket monster release, Pokemon X and Y has surfaced, and here it is...

The lesser-known videogames of famous designers

Ryan Lambie Odd List
May 14, 2013

From Pac-Man's Toru Iwatani to Gears Of War's Cliff Blezinski, here are some lesser-known games from some famous names...

Two new Pokemon games coming to Nintendo 3DS

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 8, 2013

Nintendo's venerable Pokemon franchise continues, with two new titles coming out for 3DS: Pokemon X and Y...