Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan: “I wish I was as cool as James Bond”

Rob Leane News Aug 8, 2014

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan longs for the iconic spy’s coolness…

Pierce Brosnan looks back on his Bond stint

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Pierce Brosnan has opened up about his time spent as James Bond 007. He doesn't appear too happy with it...

Pierce Brosnan agrees to future Expendables sequel

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Could one-time James Bond, Mr Pierce Brosnan, be heading for The Expendables 4?

The top 10 best Pierce Brosnan films

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Duncan salutes the mighty Pierce Brosnan, with a countdown of the one-time James Bond's best ten films...

Mystery DVD Club: Taffin

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It's fair to say that Taffin probably isn't Pierce Brosnan's finest hour...

Big turning points in the James Bond movie franchise

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We take a look at some potential turning points that could have altered the Bond legacy significantly...

14 co-stars who really didn't get on

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It's not always smiles behind the camera, as this list of feuding co-stars proves. I Love Trouble, indeed...

Love is All You Need review

Caroline Preece Review Apr 19, 2013

Starring Pierce Brosnan, Danish director Susanne Bier's Love Is All You Need is a charming romantic comedy, Caroline writes...

The Ghost review

Luke Savage Review Apr 15, 2010

Roman Polanski directs Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor in The Ghost. But is the film of Robert Harris' novel worth your time?

Top 10 worst musical movie moments ever

Colin Firth: a man with that distinctive expression that says "New agent!"
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Sometimes you leave a movie humming the tunes; and sometimes you have to run...