Philip Seymour Hoffman

The top 25 secret agents in film

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 28, 2015

Ahead of American Ultra's arrival in UK cinemas, here's our pick of the 25 finest, sneakiest secret agents in film...

The top 25 underrated screen villains

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Hannibal Lecter and Hans Gruber? They're the movie villains who get the recognition they deserve. But what about this lot?

A Most Wanted Man review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 23, 2014

Andrew checks out Philip Seymour Hoffman's final film, A Most Wanted Man, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival...

In memoriam: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Ryan Lambie News Feb 2, 2014

We're sad to report the passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman at the age of 46.

Anton Corbijn's A Most Wanted Man: international trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jan 3, 2014

Control and The American director Anton Corbijn's adaptation of John le Carre's A Most Wanted Man gets its debut trailer...

New images from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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Would you like to see a picture of Philip Seymour Hoffman in purple velour trousers? Then look at these images from Catching Fire...

The Master review

Ryan Lambie Review Oct 29, 2012

Director PT Anderson returns with The Master, a drama about a war veteran and a charismatic religious leader. Here’s our review…

Joaquin Phoenix talks The Master

Glen Chapman News Sep 18, 2012

It seems as though the film may have more of a comedic tone than we had initially anticipated.

Philip Seymour Hoffman talks Catching Fire

The Hunger Games
Glen Chapman News Aug 6, 2012

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman talks about his role of Plutarch Heavensbee in the follow up to The Hunger Games...

Enigmatic trailer arrives for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 20, 2012

Philip Seymour Hoffman scowls and Joaquin Phoenix wears a grey sweater in the new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s forthcoming drama, The Master…