Peter Jackson

Possible titles for The Hobbit Part 3 revealed

Simon Brew News Jul 31, 2012

Some recent domain name registrations may just have the clues as to what Peter Jackson will be calling his third movie of The Hobbit...

The Hobbit to be split into three movies?

Simon Brew News Jul 25, 2012

It's increasingly looking like we're getting three movies of The Hobbit, rather than two...

Peter Jackson on The Hobbit extra material

Simon Brew News Jul 15, 2012

Updated, as Warner Bros denies plans to make The Hobbit into a trilogy...

Brand new poster for The Hobbit

Simon Brew Poster Jul 7, 2012

Peter Jackson is set to talk about The Hobbit at Comic-Con. Warner Bros unleashes a new poster to tease it...

Shooting complete on The Hobbit

Simon Brew News Jul 6, 2012

Peter Jackson confirms that principal photography is finally done on his upcoming pair of The Hobbit movies...

Lots of new pictures from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit
Simon Brew News Jul 3, 2012

Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Gollum and more, in new pictures from Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey...

What does The Hobbit’s 48fps tech mean for cinema?

Paul Martinovic News May 2, 2012

Peter Jackson’s use of 48 frames-per-second tech in The Hobbit has already sparked controversy. Here, Paul takes a look at what it means for cinema...

Whatever happened to the Halo movie?

Simon Brew News Mar 7, 2012

The planned movie of Halo disappeared off the radar a year or two back. So is there any hope of it being made?

Billy Connolly joins The Hobbit

Billy Connolly
Simon Brew News Feb 9, 2012

Peter Jackson has announced the latest addition to the cast of The Hobbit. It’s Mr Billy Connolly…

Evangeline Lilly chats about The Hobbit

Evangeline Lilly
Simon Brew News Jan 26, 2012

Evangeline Lilly talks about her role in Peter Jackson's upcoming films of The Hobbit...