UK firm starts selling £70,000 zombie fortification cabin

News Simon Brew
20 Oct 2014 - 13:52

With a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee, one British firm is promising to keep you safe in the zombie apocalypse...

Believe the collection of films and television series that address them, and zombies will be killing us in the near future. Don't believe said productions, and you can sleep easier, knowing they're all pretend, and they tend to make horror movies better.

But still: can you ever be too careful? One British firm, Tiger Log Cabins, is banking on the fact that you can't.

It's added to its product range a Zombie Fortification Cabin, which, er, it's selling as an exclusive product with a £69,995 price tag.

Well, that's for the entry level cabin. Further enhancements include installation (that's an extra 13 grand right there), security cameras, a riot protection outfit and solar panels. If you want a flame thrower and a water cannon, you are welcome to enquire.

Delivery is free, you'll be relieved to hear. And you never know. It might be cheaper in the sales.

Between thee and us, we suspect this all may be a ruse to flog the rest of its product range, but fair does to Tiger Log Cabins for giving this a go. You can see the product page, with pictures, here

If you buy one, do let us know. We want to see if the firm will go through with it...

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