Jason Statham diving for England in the Commonwealth Games

Viral Video Simon Brew
23 Jul 2014 - 13:52

A clip from 1990 has surfaced, with The Statham in his pre-movie, diving career. Here he is at the 1990 Commonwealth Games...

Whilst we await our next Statham fix with next month's The Expendables 3, the BBC has kindly rewound back to 1990, when The Statham was living a different life.

For it's uploaded a video from the Auckland Commonwealth Games, showing the mighty Statham when he represented England in diving. We wonder if the commentator would say half the things he says about The Statham here, had he sat through the two Crank films back to back. The Statham would eventually be spotted by Guy Ritchie, cast in Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, and his path to the iron throne of British action cinema would be cleared.

Here then is the mighty Statham at work. Just look at the hair! It's even better than the mop he wore in Hummingbird...

[NB If the below embed isn't working, you can see the video at the BBC, here.]

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