Fancy buying a posh house with a Red Dwarf cockpit in it?

News Simon Brew 12 Feb 2014 - 13:50

A few million quid gets you a posh big house in London - with an added Red Dwarf feature...

Have you got a spare £3,250,000, and happen to be on the lookout for an 11-bedroom (zoiks) home in the midst of London? We figure we've lost pretty much every single one of you by now, but on the off-chance we haven't, then the home in question has one feature that made our eyebrows go north - the small matter of a Red Dwarf cockpit!

Oddly, this isn't described in the particulars for the house in question, but if you scroll through to picture 13 on the property's Rightmove page, you get to the image below...

The house also has a study, a wine cellar and a dressing room. It houses no other spacecraft that we know of. It's worth a viewing at least. Just try not to go in costume, else they might rumble that you've no intention of buying it...


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That is just awesome! They look like fully functional monitors so you do have to wonder whether the owner uses the room to play one of those space-based MMO games?

"A sizeable area of loft storage has been transformed into an amazing space ship for the kids." - so it IS mentioned in the particulars. Albeit in a patronising way.

SOLD!. Er can anyone lend me the rest? Just need £3,249,998. I'll pay it back in weekly instalments of £5 that ok?

I would, but I don't plan on living for another 12500 years

Haha, good point :P

Its clearly nothing to do with Red Dwarf whatsoever! Its just a generic spaceship, no idea why you've called it a Red Dwarf cockpit. :P

"Step up to Red Alert!"
"Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb."

Yeah, but he's probably got some kind of a scheme involving the stasis booth.

I think I can spot a tower pc on the right, this is def someones Elite or maybe now Frontier game sim. Or maybe with that many rooms it was some strange cult that convined people they were travelling to some far off planet to start a master race, only there happened to be only one male crew member amongst the 10 other female crew.

Becuase, it uses the same classic early series bits and bobs to give it that Dwarf look. Keyboards (Check), black and yellow tape (check) large red buttons (check).
Mind you, where would Kryten and Rimmer have sat, with only two chairs.

Nice. Looks more like the one from Dark Star.

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