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Celebrate Halloween with geeky pumpkins

Den Of Geek Jack-O-Lantern gallery
Den of News Oct 28, 2010

Meet the finest geeky pumpkins, all thanks to the carving skills of Den Of Geek readers. With tips of the knife-wielding hand to The Evil Dead, Sin City and The Dark Knight right here…

Music in the movies: David Bowie

Glen Chapman News Aug 3, 2010

In his latest Music in the Movies column, Glen looks back at the movie career of musician and actor, David Bowie...

Music in the movies: A Hard Day’s Night

Glen Chapman News Jul 27, 2010

In this week’s column, Glen looks back at A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles’ seminal 1964 movie that influenced a generation of music videos and films…

Music in the movies: John Carpenter

Glen Chapman News Jul 19, 2010

Halloween. The Fog. Escape From New York. Glen looks back at the finest scores of director and musician, John Carpenter...

The Batman remake to end all Batman remakes

Simon Brew News Jul 15, 2010

What happens when a little kid gets a Batman costume and a video camera? This does...

Music in the movies: Cameron Crowe

Glen Chapman News Jul 5, 2010

From Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, via his biggest success, Jerry Maguire, to 2005’s Elizabethtown, Glen celebrates the director’s eclectic soundtracks...

Music in the movies: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Glen Chapman News Jul 5, 2010

Glen looks at I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, a documentary which exposes the sometimes fraught relationship between record label and band...

When Jason Statham tried to sell you Kit Kats

Jason Statham
Simon Brew News Jul 1, 2010

Before he was the action star you least wanted to pick a fight with, Jason Statham tried to sell you chocolate bars, in his own special way...

Music in the movies: Robert Rodriguez

Glen Chapman News Jun 28, 2010

Glen provides a rundown of Robert Rodriguez’s compositional work, from the family-friendly Spy Kids series to the full-blooded comic adaptation, Sin City...