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The Die Hard quadrilogy in song

Yippee ky-aye...
Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2011

Four Die Hard movies. One song. Life rarely gets better.

Revolutionise your film with Michael Bay In A Can

Bay In A Can
Simon Brew News Oct 4, 2011

Making a film, and want an injection of Michael Bay to transform it? This new spoof ad might just have the answer...

Two floppy drives play the Imperial March from Star Wars

Floppy drives. Singing.
Simon Brew News Sep 30, 2011

Sometimes, it's handy that this is a geek site. Especially when we have floppy disk drives, er, playing the music from Star Wars...

Stop boring Hugh Laurie!

Simon Brew News Jun 9, 2011

Hugh Laurie deserves a better class of question. Did you know he’s English…?

A candid look at how Jerry Bruckheimer generates ideas

Ryan Lambie News May 20, 2011

An inspired comedy sketch provides an insight into just how producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes up with his high-concept movies…

All 17 Fleischer and Famous Studios animated Superman short films

Gaye Birch News May 11, 2011

We've collected all 17 of the Superman animated short films from 1941 through 1943 for you to enjoy...

When Japanese horror meets a hidden camera show

Simon Brew News Mar 9, 2011

What would you do if you saw a horror character standing in the corridor…?

The Detroit RoboCop statue — the saga continues

Ryan Lambie News Feb 17, 2011

The mayor of Detroit may not have been keen on the idea of a RoboCop statue, but an online campaign could mean one is built anyway…

Mayor of Detroit rejects RoboCop statue suggestion

Ryan Lambie News Feb 8, 2011

Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop was a classic of 80s action cinema. So why won't the mayor of Detroit erect a statue in the law enforcer's honour...?

The Girls on Film

Karl Hodge News Feb 2, 2011

Sisters are doing it for themselves over at The Girls on Film, a blog that remakes blokey film scenes with female actors...